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Faith Alive Tabernacle
African Heritage Christianity
Faith Alive Tabernacle is an African Heritage Christianity —hence the "AHC" in our web address.  We convene an independent black Catholic house church community in the United States.  Our U.S. legacy begins with the 1920s Marcus Garvey  movement, its “Back to Africa” ethos and its establishment of the African Orthodox Church (AOC). 

Later there emerged from the AOC the AOCC--the African Orthodox Catholic Church.  More inclusive, the AOCC supports the ordination of women priests and its liturgy includes the African rite of libations to  ancestors.

The AOCC in Atlanta under the archbishopric of the Most Rev. John H. Lewis III, formerly seated at St. Augustine-Imani Temple on Larkin Street near historic Spelman College.  From 2003 to 2009 the AOCC was convened  at our Faith Alive Tabernacle house church in Atlanta's residential neighborhood of Little Five Points. 

Founded as a house church by the Rev. Dr. Josephine Jackson-Smith in May of 1988, Faith Alive Tabernacle became an AOCC church in November 1999.  Over the years we outgrew affiliation with the AOCC and now identify as an independent African Heritage Christianity, celebrating the Catholic mass in black church worship style and including the Christian inculturation of African ceremonial rites such as libation.  

You're very welcome to worship with us every Saturday by telephone conference call at 11:00 AM.  Just dial-in at: 339-207-7499.  Playback the preceding week's worship service by dialing 605-313-6396; access code - 868-614, and "#" as reference no.
Faith Alive Tabernacle 
1386 Sharon St. NW 
Atlanta, GA 30314     



Ethiopian Icon of Christ as Black Messiah
Our Desert Father St. Moses the Black
7:00 PM Thursday Nights OPEN MIC, Healing Service OR Sing-Along: Dial 712-775-7031, access 986-036; Playback: 712-775-7029, access 986-035
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