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  African Heritage Chrisitanity - AHC

  Restoring African Heritage Christianity Today

   Faith Alive Tabernacle AHC
 "An Immediacy Ministry of Presence"

   Every Saturday a TeleGathering  
                   11:00 A.M
 Dial-in 712-432-0926 / Access Code 638549#
 Playback: PIN 712-432-0941; Access 638549#
 (then # again for most recent archived service). 

 The Rev. Dr. Josephine Jackson-Smith  --  
 Founder & Priest-in-Charge
 DrJoJaSmi@netscape.net  | 404-664-7222 
 The Rev. Prof. Theophus “Thee” Smith --
 Associate clergy
 Thee.Smith@emory.edu  |  404-727-0636

For ancient Egyptians the Ankh was a symbol of life and much depicted as a hieroglyphic sign in Egyptian art.  
Today however it also endures as a type of Christian cross, particularly for Afrocentric traditions and communities.